Rental Stage Draperies

Proscenium Curtain

Grand Drape – House curtain or act curtain

Drops and Cycloramas

Drops and cycloramas are used as scenic elements on stage.

Stage Backdrop – Flat curtain, often used for theatrical scenery
Cyclorama – Cyc, largest piece of scenery
Traveler – Often two overlapping curtain halves
Scrim – Transparent stage curtain
Sky Drops – Pale blue deep dyed muslin drops depicting clouds and/or sky

Masking Curtains

Masking curtains are used to “mask” the stage.

Teaser / Tormentors – Horizontal and vertical masking pieces
Legs / Border – for masking, additional stage depth
Black Outs – Solid black drape to mask the back of the stage

Specialty Curtains

Silver Mirror Lamés – Highly reflective silver draperies
Ribbon Curtains
Snow Bag