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Rental Stage Draperies

Proscenium Curtain

Grand Drape – House curtain or act curtain

Drops and Cycloramas

Drops and cycloramas are used as scenic elements on stage.

Stage Backdrop – Flat curtain, often used for theatrical scenery
Cyclorama – Cyc, largest piece of scenery
Traveler – Often two overlapping curtain halves
Scrim – Transparent stage curtain
Sky Drops – Pale blue deep dyed muslin drops depicting clouds and/or sky

Masking Curtains

Masking curtains are used to “mask” the stage.

Teaser / Tormentors – Horizontal and vertical masking pieces
Legs / Border – for masking, additional stage depth
Black Outs – Solid black drape to mask the back of the stage

Specialty Curtains

Silver Mirror Lamés – Highly reflective silver draperies
Ribbon Curtains
Snow Bag

Custom Stage Drapery

Tobins Lake specializes in the design, fabrication of theatrical and display drapery. Our professional sewing shop creates custom cycs, scrims, legs, and borders to your specifications. We can create backdrop blanks for you to paint or we can paint it for you.

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