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131 – Night Sky


131 – Night Sky

Deep blue night sky with shadowy clouds and a few stars.


Product Description

Deep blue night sky with shadowy clouds and a few stars.  Clouds slightly pass over the moon, cascading across the entire length of the backdrop.  Moon is hazy, casting pale light onto the clouds.  Can be used for any night time scene for shows such as “The Addams Family Musical”, “Peter Pan”, “Carousel”, and “Sound of Music”.

Please Note: This image file is a photograph of the original rendering. Different artists have painted the drops at different times. Detail and color of the actual drop may vary slightly from this image. Most drops are 21′ x 45′ in dimension.

Please call 1-888-719-0300 for more specific information.

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How to fold a Drop

How to Fold A Drop

To help you handle drops more easily and efficiently, and to help us when the drops are returned - we ask that you use the following method of folding...
  • - Drop Spread on Floor with Painted Side Up
  • - Hold the 4th Grommet on the floor, while folding 7th Grommet over to edge of drop
  • - Person at bottom of drop duplicates folding action in approx. 3' wide folds
  • - Folding operation is repeated so that drop is accordion-folded in folds appx. 3' wide
  • - Extra helpers can straighten edges as folding progresses.
  • - When folding is complete, roll drop tightly from bottom in appx. 3' wide role
  • - Allow tag to stick out
  • - A 3' tight roll allows drop to be put in plastic and then canvas bag more easily - thereby insuring against extra charges for water damage.
NOTE: Please sweep or clean stage floor before folding up drop and drapery. Thank you.
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