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Swamp with Cottage, tall trees and moss.


Pyramid backdrop with sun and river reflecting the pyramids.  Also palm trees in stage left foreground.


A fun, fanciful rendition of a forest scene, long sweeping lines make this backdrop ideal for “Seussical the Musical”.


Spooky mansion with barren trees and sparse grass. Great for “Addams Family the Musical” or any other Halloween themed events.


Cemetery at Night with a full moon. Barren trees, grave stones and a mausoleum in the center of the drop.


African grasslands at sunset. Thin, wispy clouds pass in front of a warm sunset. Silhouetted trees and tall grass.

Board fences with old buildings in background

Small park with fence

Realistic woods with low mountains

View of lake with mountains in misty background

Tan tent against varied landscape

Foliage with gnarled tree trunks

Trees with low stone wall in foreground

Formal garden stone wall with gate in center

Rolling hills with a rail fence

Peaceful view of lagoon

Winter scene with pond

Tropical camp with foliage

Palace with touches of foliage

View of Mountains and pine trees

Cut and netted tropical foliage

House with ivied wall

Soft foliage on velour.

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