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Stylized park scene with fountain.


Cemetery at Night with a full moon. Barren trees, grave stones and a mausoleum in the center of the drop.


Spooky living room with aged wood paneling and wood flooring. Two sets of windows to mimic #66 – Spooky Mansion exterior. Chandelier with unlit candles, tall candle stands flank the stage right archway. Fireplace with cooling coals. Can be used for “Addams Family the Musical” along with #66 – Spooky Mansion and #67 – Cemetery. Available Now!


Rolling hills of far away corn, with trees in background and row of close up corn at the bottom.

Stone with rough beams

Winter scene with pond

Realistic painting of Declaration of Independence

Half-Timbered Building TabsĀ 

Peasant Vilage Square or Street

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