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Spooky living room with aged wood paneling and wood flooring. Two sets of windows to mimic #66 – Spooky Mansion exterior. Chandelier with unlit candles, tall candle stands flank the stage right archway. Fireplace with cooling coals. Can be used for “Addams Family the Musical” along with #66 – Spooky Mansion and #67 – Cemetery. Available Now!


Interior of temple or thrown room.  Can be used for “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolored Dreamcoat”, “Aladdin”, and “Mulan”.


School hallway with blue lockers, awards shelf, and 'Cafeteria' sign.


Bank Lobby/Interior with marble walls, green marble columns and a desk center stage.

Very stylized-abstract design: receding floor lines go to horizon.

Walls with gilt trim. S.R. French door cut out for exits.

Three windows with draperies

Stone with cutout arches

Patterned wallpaper interior with books on shelves

Dark Stone walls

Far Eastern open palace room

Tappa Cloth pattern with decorative border

Ballroom Legs and Borders

Billiard Parlor Tab

Wallpaper above paneled Dado

Nearly plain brick wall

Red velour curtain in panels

Ballroom or mansion drawing room

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