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Fifties Diner, cream walls and checkerboard floor with Fifties paraphernalia.  Great for “Footloose” and “Grease”.


English castle seen from 2 different sides.  Turrets adorn the top of the castle wrapping around the perimeter.  Dark windows with manicured foliage.


Spooky mansion with barren trees and sparse grass. Great for “Addams Family the Musical” or any other Halloween themed events.


Pale stone castle nestled in a wooded pine tree forest. Snowy mountains in the background. Available April 15th, 2017.

Cement interior wall

Large city street drop

Stylized panoramic view of big city

Board fences with old buildings in background

Small park with fence

Huge suspension bridge

Mainstreet of western town

Dark statue center

Wood buildings and sky

Wood trim around store front and windows

Park view of river

Tropical camp with foliage

Wall with open work arches

Palace with touches of foliage

Far Eastern open palace room

Tudor style building tabs

Tudor style building tabs

House with ivied wall

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