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English castle seen from 2 different sides.  Turrets adorn the top of the castle wrapping around the perimeter.  Dark windows with manicured foliage.


European Rooftops at dusk. Brick and tile rooftops set in front of a domed roof. Greyish blue clouds in sky.


School gymnasium with 1 basketball hoop, bleachers, set against a brick wall.

Board fences with old buildings in background

Formal garden stone wall with gate in center

Palace with touches of foliage

Tudor style building tabs

Tudor style building tabs

Half-Timbered Building Tabs 

Half-Timbered Building Tabs 

Pink-lavender flowers on trellis vines

Brownstone Apartment Tab

Large city building

Brick building with board fence

Nearly plain brick wall

Brick wall with steam and water pipers

Red-Brown brick wall

Brick with plant.

Brick with fireplace and picture

Brick building and wall

Under bridge drop

Arching trees frame a park or campus

Harvard yard.

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