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George M


Scene 1 - Prologue

Use #276 “Old Time Vaudeville Type Portal (can be used as show portal through entire show if desired) and 403 Vaudeville Drop.

Scene 2 - Providence Rhode Island, 1878

Use #158 Red Velour Traveler with #276 Portal.

Scene 3 - On Stage Columbia Theatre, Cedar Rapids

Use #276 Vaudeville Portal with #129 Brick Wall Drop up stage.

Scene 4 - Street in Cedar Rapids

Use #29 Town Square Drop.

Scene 5 - Madame Grimaldi's Boarding House

Use #17 or #217 Turn of Century Living Room Drop.

Scene 6 - En Route to New York

Play this in front of #158 Red Velour Drape with #276 Portal or use #26 Large City Drop.

Scene 7 - Adams Street Theatre, Various other Theatres, New York 1901-1903

This could be played in #159 Plum Velour Traveler with changes made in a sign on an easel standing by the proscenium.

Scene 8 - General Area, New York

Use #26 Broadway Drop or #426 City Street Drop or #326 Street Drop.

Scene 9 - Stage of Liberty Theatre, New York

Use #12 Backstage Drop with a different arrangement of ladders, scenery and lights. Use props and set pieces to build each number until the finale. Then use #238 Sea and Sky Drop with #106-D Ship Tab on Traveler Track with back fold Triggers. Ship takes up approximately half of the stage. Build plank ramp going off and up left so that actors going on to ship disappear into wings. This eliminates the need for moving platforms, etc. behind the Ship Tab. Ship Tab moves off stage left on Traveler Track as lights dim on sea drop. Small model of ship with light box is moved on stage hanging on back of Sea and Sky Drop batten. At approximate time, rocket is indicated by a flash light moved in an arc behind Sky Drop.


Scene 1 - Office of Cohan and Harris: Fay Templetons Apartment

Use #320 Office Tab and #388 Boudoir Tab on the same batten.

Scene 2 - On Stage - New Amsterdam Theatre

Use #159 Plum Velour Traveler – not lighted and one piece of #178 Red Velour Legs. Light Fay Templeton with spotlights in space, in front of Red Leg.

Scene 3 - Rector's Restaurant, Jan. 1, 1907

Use #314 Red Ballroom Drop or #214 Ballroom Drop. Also #82 Ballroom Legs and Border.

Scene 4 - Street - Next Morning

Use #41 River Park Drop.

Scene 5 - The Years till 1937

Use #129 Brick Wall Drop and rearrange props and scenery.

Scene 6 - Midtown New York, Feb. 1937

Use #329 City Square Drop

Scene 7 - Stage of the Alvin Theatre

Go back to #12 or #129 again.

Scene 8 - Epilogue

Return to the same Portal and #403 Vaudeville Drop as used in Prologue.

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