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Scene 1 - Prelude - An Amusement Park

Use #37 Fairgrounds Drop (or #237 Carnival Drop) with #104 Tent Arena Legs and Border as a down stage portal. If a carousel is used it can be up-right, but if this presents technical problems, a moving light effect of a carousel can be used from off right – as if the carousel is just out of sight but its lights flash on the faces of people on stage.

Scene 2 - A Tree Lined Path Along the Shore

Use #42 Woods Drop.

Scene 3 - Nettie's Spa on the Ocean Front

Use#97 Hotel or Large House Tab (or #297 Porch and House Tab) hung up stage right, with #93 Foliage hung about half stage. Platforms can be used across the back and up left in the form of docks. (These can be faced with #2584 and #2585 Easy Ornament to achieve a simple dock effect.) The while scene is backed by #238 Sea and Sky Drop.


Scene 1 - On an Island Acroos the Bay

Use #39 Forest Drop (or #35 Mountains with Water Drop) The #93 Foliage can be used again to add dpth to the setting.

Scene 2 - Mainland Waterfront

Use #36 Wharf Drop with #93 Foliage in dim light with assorted boxes, etc. or practical levels faced with Easy Ornament (see Act I, Sc. 3). A scrim can be used between the drop and the levels. Almost no light should be used on the scrim so that the drop shows up in a misty effect. Just before the entrance of the “Heavenly Friend” the light on the Wharf Drop can dim out.

Scene 3 - Up There

Use #142 Indigo Swirl Drop hung up stage so that the scene is a version of a space setting.

Scene 4 - Down There

Use #142 Indigo Swirl Drop. The change into this scene can be made by flying out the scrim.

Scene 5 - Outside Julie's Cottage

Use #295 Porch and House Tab backed with #242 Woods Drop (or #245 River or Lagoon Drop)

Scene 6 - Outside A Schoolhouse

Use #297 Porch and House Tab backed by #242 Woods Drop. Note: The last two scenes can be played with the porch tabs hung in the front of the #142 Indigo Blue Drop is a more stylized effect is desired.

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